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Dongguan Strong Laser Equipment Co.,Ltd established on April 8, 2008 at Dongguan city, Guangdong province, a company which concentrates on the development , production, sales, service and integration of series of picosecond and femtosecond laser micromaching system. We have two main manufacturing bases in China, one in Songshan Lake, Dongguan city, another in Anshan City, Liaoning province. The total factory area is 10000m². Up to now, we have a total of 150 staff, 90 percent of which is graduated from colleges or universities.


Connotation of Chinese Strong Laser trademark:


In this peaceful world, we aren't indulged in collection nor in investing in stocks. However, we spare no effort in technical innovation step by step. Our success and leading position often attribute to our firm belief and conviction. Only after daring to think and to do, can you become successful. The hesitated fantasy can only bring you nothing. Thus, firstly, we should develop lofty aspirations and constant practice before we become successful.


Connotation of English Strong Laser trademark:


Strong means powerful, which means we Strong Laser will become stronger and more powerful. The earth icon means we will absorb resources and intelligence all over the world and finally sell our productions worldwide.

From the establishment of the company, we Strong Laser always adhere to our brand management philosophy--“盛雄科技领先,雄心成就未来”. We’ve been focusing on the theoretical research of core technology of our product, further development of our series system and accumulation of original technique. After 8 years’ constant investment and accumulation, we develop an elite group majoring in laser optics, micro-electronics control, precision machine, machine visual, robot system integral application and laser software control, etc. The module-united technique accumulation and reservation in technique research make Strong Laser develop the ability of matching assembly system integration to any upscale picosecond and femtoseocnd laser micro-precision processing system, just like Legao blocks. Because of this kind of ability, we can achieve customers’ expectation through our mutual communication.