Focused on micro-electronics industry Picosecond & femtosecond micro-cutting·drilling·etching·scribing system
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Culture concept
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Mission and vision of Strong Laser:

Transposition thinking and paying attention to customers’ demand by superior innovation and service

Building a respectful and profitable technology-based company--Strong Laser.  

Core concept of production of Strong Laser:

Elegant design、 high quality production

No empty slogan、 no  shoddy manufacture

Major Strong Laser product:

Picosecond and femtosecond micro-maching system micro-cutting、drilling、etching、wafer scribing、micro-structure.

Focusing industry:

Semiconductor chip、LCP panel cutting、PCB drilling and etching、touch panel cutting and circuit etching、biometric fingertip identification、sapphire glass  and ceramic cutting and slotting、thick and thin film circuit ;aser etching machine.  


Design concept of Strong Laser product:

      When designing products, we should consider customers as specialist: In this way our machine processing performance will become more elaborate,manufacturing craft will become more excellent, production quality will become more durable, manufacturing standard will become more standardized and simpler, machine volume will become more compact and convenient.


      When designing usage and maintenance of products, we should consider customers as people who know nothing. And this is the way how auto focus camera, iphone and Microsoft Windows achieve success. Thus, we should make the usage of our machine humanize, intelligentize and goofier.

     When designing maintenance of products, the components should be moduralized, connection mode should rapidly plugable and fool-proofed irreplaceable.This can be beneficial to quick repair all over the world and cost conservation.

core values