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HDI high speed laser drilling system

Industry application:

High-grade ceramic substrate printed circuit board (PCB) shape cutting, hole, blind hole drilling, such ceramic substrate drilling, cutting; high-temperature and wear resistant automobile electric circuit board, precision ceramic gears and appearance component cutting and precision metal gear and structural parts cutting, drilling.

Name:HDI high speed laser drilling system



Technical specifications:


parameter               Model


Type of laser

 1064nm or 10.64um Optional

Maximum laser power

 200-500W Optional

Maximum working range of laser processing

 600mm×600mm Arbitrary automatic stitching hole cutting

Laser minimum spot


Precision of laser processing line


Laser processing speed

 0-3000mm/S Adjustable

Maximum moving speed of XY platform

 800mm/S   1Gacceleration

CCD positioning accuracy


Repeated precision of XY platform


Positioning accuracy of XY platform


Whole machine power supply


Cooling mode

 Constant temperature water cooling

Overall size


Sample picture:


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