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UV laser marking machine
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UV laser marking machine
UV laser marking machine
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Sample display:


The machine advantages:

1、UV laser marking machine employs cold processing with its extremely small heat-affected zone, suitable for micro-maching of materials which is sensible to heat.

2、The minimum focusing speckle of UV laser is 15μm, suitable for micropore micro-drilling processing.

3、Imported components, steady performance, long working life, no material consumption.

Industry application:

Consumer electronics、phone components、 LED panels two-dimension code marking、 ceramic、sapphire、FPC flexible circuit board micropore drilling、cutting、biomedical glass scratching、capacitive touch screen ITO etching.

Series machine:

Rotary double-station UV laser marking machine:  this model equips with optional double-station, with high loading and laying-off material rate and processing rate doubled, which means customers’ investment can double at the same time! We always keep the core technology of UV laser marking machine.

Technical specifications

Laser power 

3W、5W  optional

Laser wavelength


Beam quality


Q-peak laser power


Standard marking range


Marking deepness


Whole machine power


Minimum line width


Repetition accuracy


Power supply

Single phrase alternating current 

AC 90-250V/50Hz  5A

Marking speed

5000 characters /s 

(uniline roman type letter height 1mm)

Mainframe system size


Cooling system

Constant temperature water cooling

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Business department head:

Miss Liu 15989907208

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