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CO₂ laser marking machine
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CO₂ laser marking machine
CO₂ laser marking machine
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Sample display:


The machine advantages:

1、Power energy conservation、 no material consumption、low cost、high speed.

2、One-time investment、no worry in the cleaning of ejector of ink printing and the cost of 50-60 thousands RMB printing ink.

3、4.5 times the capacity of semiconductor marking machine、more products at the same time、3 machine labor conservation.

Industry application:

High precision product identification of plastic transparent buttons、IC chips、digital products components、precision machine、jewelry、sanitary fittings、measuring and cutting tool、clocks and eyeglasses 、electrical appliance、electron component、metal jewelry、metal tool、phone communication component、motorcycles and vehicles parts、plastic products、medical machine、construction pipe, etc.

Technical specifications



Laser output power 

30W、60W optional

Laser wavelength


Pulse frequency


Marking/cutting range


Marking deepness


Marking line speed

≤15000 or 8000mm/s

Minimum line width


Minimum character


Repetition accuracy


Laser device

Imported laser device

Whole machine power


Cooling system

Build-in air cooling

Business department head:

Miss Liu 15989907208

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Business department head:

Miss Liu 15989907208

E-mail :